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  • Parent's Handbook
    The USNSCC publishes a Parent’s Handbook to assist parents in learning their role in the program as well as what they can expect for their cadets. This handbook will outline all aspects of participation in USNSCC and USNLCC. Click here to download the Parent's Handbook.
  • Eligibility & Enrollment
    You can also download our Eligibility & Enrollment Requirements document (click here to download) to help you walk through the process of getting started. ​Or you can view our FAQ for a more detailed list of eligibility requirements.
  • Training Info
    For information about cadet training, please see the training section of the Cadet page at this link. As stated above, parents should not be managing their cadets involvement with the Naval Sea Cadets. It is expected that the cadets take the responsibility, therefore most of the resources are located on the Cadet page of the website.
  • Calendar and POD
    We recognize that parents may need to view the Calendar and POD for planning purposes. You will find the link to the Calendar here, and the link to the POD downloadshere.
  • Forms
    We will have the ability for parents to download forms at a later date in the development of this website. Please be patient with us as we are an all-volunteer organization (including the implementation of this website). Thank you for understanding.
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