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Quail meat is easy to pair with dishes including many starches such as wild rice and sweet potatoes, vegetables such as swiss chard and brussel sprouts, and especially fruits like pears, apricots and cherries. Each serving provides a flavor-packed punch to a recipe. Quail is extremely versatile. Swap out chicken with quail and try it in a classic poultry recipe. Choose a cuisine--Vietnamese, Latin American, Creole and select the appropriate accompaniments. Our favorite quail recipes include Vermont Crispy Quail with a Maple Syrup Glaze to Stuffed Quail with Wild Mushrooms and Figs.


For our most adventurous chefs, create a stock with our quail bones for an array of different sauces and soups. Wrap our quail legs in prosciutto. Make a wild game tourinne using our quail breast meat. Spoon soft-boiled quail eggs on crusty toast.



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